About LieroGBG

LieroGBG is an organization located in Gothenburg, Sweden working for the proliferation of the game Liero (1.33 © Joosa Riekkinen, 1.36 © Erik Lindroos), first released in 1998.

The activity around this specific community began with a few people in 2012, and have since seen a steady addition of players. In May of 2013, a ranking system - similar to the one used in Chess - for comparing skill levels between players worldwide, was launched.

All results have been kept by manual bookkeeping, on paper, in spreadsheets and in stored game replays, but since September 2014, we are proud to present an automated system here on this site, where matches can be registered by filling in the results of local games and providing the replays for these, and the site will assemble the data into a comprehensible ranking list. More information on how this system works may be found under rules.

The game is played on one computer (Linux, Windows, Mac), in split screen, on the keyboard and a common issue you may run in to is the fact that a lot of keyboards can't register too many keys simultaneously. It is therefore recommended to use a keyboard with good rollover, preferably a mechanical one.

For download and installation instructions visit the official site liero.be.

If you have questions about the game the expert panel can be found on IRC at: #liero@irc.quakenet.org or you may turn to us with questions, suggestions and the like at lierogbg@gmail.com.